The Madurai District Tiny & Small Scale Industries Association, popularly known as MADITSSIA started its functioning in 1974 and completed 31 years of service, catering to the needs of the District wide Tiny & Small Scale Industries.

Having completed its Silver Jubilee Year (1998-99), the Madurai District Tiny & Small Scale Industries Association is a trail blazer promoting the growth and development of tiny and small scale industries in Madurai district. MADITSSIA is today, a household name both in the industrial and domestic houses because of its preoccupation with industrial growth simulation, by arranging buyer seller interface through exhibitions and fairs, and also by effective liaisoning among industrial associations, industrial houses and goverment departments and agencies

MADITSSIA is affliated to the following Organisations.

  • Tamilnadu Small & Tiny Industries Association ( TANSTIA ) CHENNAI
  • Federation of Associations of Small Industries of India ( FASIA ) NEW DELHI
  • All India Manufacturers Organisations( TNSB Chapter) CHENNAI
  • Confederation of Indian Industry ( CII ), MADURAI Zone.

With a strong membership and a pro-active team of office bearers who believe in collective leadership through empowerment and synergy, MADITSSIA is well known as an organisation of industrial / commercial events, promoter of trade and industry interests and a trend setter of consumer and industrial goods, sales and marketing and eveready spokesman for tiny and small scale industries. The endeavours of MADITSSIA confirm its belief that small is not only beautiful but also bountiful. The scope and future of tiny and small scale industries, is indeed unlimited. MADITSSIA's mission is to serve society through industrial development.


Aims and Objectives

  • To promote and protect the Small Industries in Madurai District. To take all steps to protect and promote the general interests of the persons engaged in small industries in Madurai District. To consider and formulate opinions upon all matters connected with the Small Industries in Madurai District.

  • To Collect, classify and Circulate statistics and other information related to commercial interests in general and small industries in particular.

  • To promote beneficial and other measures relating to the small industries and thus obtain by all acknowledged means the redress as far as possible of grievances of the industrialists in small industries.

  • To maintain a Library of books and publications and literature on small industries, so as to diffuse commercial information and knowledge amongst the members of the Association.

Mission Statement

  • The MADURAI DISTRICT TINY AND SMALL SCALE INDUSTRIES ASSOCIATION, acronymed as MADITSSIA - a registered body of Tiny and Small Scale industrialists under Tamilnadu Societies Act-run by the members of the Association, selected through a process agreeable to the members on a time frame basis and serves these industries to Identify, analyse and provide solutions for various issues and problems faced by these industries through continuous and regular interactions, present these issues to the appropriate authorities through delegations, formal and informal communications, develop necessary facilities to the Entrepreneurs for collection and dissemination of information.
  • Organise programs for content updating and training needs through seminars, workshops and meetings by appropriate agencies.
  • MADITSSIA also takes care of community development through Fairs and Exhibitions.
  • MADITSSIA believes in participatory approach in all their endeavours following right business ethics and standards with a vision of leading the Association as Role Model to other similar organisations and striving always for continuous improvement and centre of excellence.


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